We elevate, inspire, connect & build local communities that care for & assist each other.

The Ladies First circle …
  • We uplift by creating opportunities for interns to gain experience.
  • We uplift local entrepreneurs by providing services by these interns.
  • We uplift by sharing knowledge, skills, networking and collaborating.
  • We uplift by offering affordable advertising opportunities to our local entrepreneurs.
  • (Web designer may be able to illustrate this graphically, if wanted)

“We are all bound together in invisible ways. One of these ways is ladies’ shared experiences. Our connection comes from sharing ourselves with and caring for those around us.” ~ Christa Brits

Philosophy: (Oxford Languages)


  1. a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour

The Ladies First Philosophy

Our tribe is ladies who need one portal for everything they are looking for. Our ladies want choices, more support, more access, and more upliftment. Our tribe of ladies collaborates and accelerates. We want to take control of our lives.
  • Our tribe is the mommy (perhaps a single mommy) who needs a car seat for her baby.

  • Our tribe is the student needing to navigate the financial options to study for her law degree.

  • Our tribe is the young ladies searching for an affordable group holiday.

  • Our tribe is the lady that knows she was meant for more – she wants to level up.

  • Our tribe is the lady being threatened, fearful for her personal safety, enduring domestic abuse.

  • Our tribe is the lady entrepreneur building her own business day-by-day who needs to improve on her business knowledge.