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Ladies First are the latest online shopping and networking platform for ladies. But that’s not all. We also give access to emotional support services and other opportunities.

In a world of online fatigue, ladies wished for one website to find everything they need. Ladies First addresses this by offering a one-stop experience.

More …     We sell more products and services for our advertisers. Come along with us to shape the future of online shopping. More focused audience exposure at very affordable rates.  From start-ups and momtrepreneurs to larger, established retailers … everyone finds their slot at Ladies First.


Need some numbers? *

  • South African Population = 60.6 million
  • 2 million women are of working age = one-third of the population!
  • 66% of South Africa’s population is 35 years and younger



It’s a shortcut to your customer

Did you know?

  • Generation Z spends 7 hours per day on average on their phones.
  • Generation Z is motivated by causes.
  • Generation Z regards their consumption as a way support their causes.
  • Millennials support causes.
  • Millennials hold the most buying power of all generations.

But that doesn’t mean that Ladies First doesn’t appeal to the other generations. It just means that many of your customers are within these parameters.

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